3 Simple Ways To Obliterate Procrastination

Photo by Pedro Da Silva

Procrastination is the real killer of dreams. Most people think it’s ok to put off one task and then another, and then another, until they are 10 years down the road and the things that mattered no longer matter.

I am guilty of procrastination myself and that is due to many reasons including my superpower, ADHD.

Side Note: It is a superpower. COME AT ME! The name is Mr.Incredible Distraction.

But since I’ve struggled with focus on things that really matter and my impulsiveness has just created more obstacles in my life, I’ve decided enough is enough and finally took some great control of my life.

How you may ask?

Well, first I recommend learning a little about yourself and seeing if you have any psychological conditions you can look into.

For example in an amazing book called Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Dr.Daniel G. Amen, I learned that my brain doesn’t get the normal amount of blood flow to my prefrontal cortex so my ability to focus and control emotions is hindered severely.

And you can bet all your chips that I saw the worst parts of myself in high school. Worst meaning I was a very angry and impulsive kid. But strangely enough (thank god for my mother and father), they put me in sports.

So I was able to transfer all that aggression into multiple sports that I loved to do.

Side Note: I was and still am a psychopath about exercise. I used to work out about 4 hours a day in judo (before I was too old to train with kids). Then in high school, I would wake up at 5 AM weight lift (because I was tired of getting tossed by the bigger guys) and trained another 2 hours in Judo. I put on 25 pounds of muscle from freshman year of high school until Junior year.

But my impulsiveness was and still is (somewhat) my biggest weakness. I used to think “I’m just a guy that likes to get shit done now.” But when you are a college student and you need to go to school for a few years, that shit does not work.

On top of that my impulsiveness led me do consume an insane amount of Marijuana. I’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, taking a shit and even showering. It was no Bueno. And when a drug like Marijuana hacks away at your brain, you just become more impulsive.

I remember my scariest moment was when I got into an argument with one of my friends and I was about to go off the cliff mentally (meaning I was an inch away from blacking out).

So I knew there was a problem with my psychy so I dealt with that first.

3 Book I recommend you read:

  1. Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Dr.Daniel G. Amen
  2. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman
  3. The Edinburgh Lectures of Mental Health Science by Thomas Troward

This will give you a great deal of help in improving your mental health and seeing a lot of mental problems that you may have but are not aware of.

Now let us dive into how you may deal with your procrastination and impulsiveness as I’ve learned from the amazing book Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel:

1) Control Your Environment

Your environment is probably the number one thing holding you back in what you want to do.

For example, let us say you are trying to lose weight (meaning you are fat, we don’t sugar coat shit here). A trick I would recommend is first, not to buy any shit that’s not healthy for you (chips, cookies, dairy, etc). “Out of sight, out of mind.” as the old saying goes.

And also put your healthiest food readily available and in your sight. If you have fruit out and it is the most easily accessible thing, then you will go with that option more frequently. Do the same thing in your fridge.

If you are trying to quit drinking milk, then put your milk behind 2 gallons of water. This way the first thing you see is water and it will be a pain in the ass to reach the milk. And if you love milk, then switch out with a healthier option (almond milk, oat milk, etc.)

2) Set Small Attainable Goals Leading to Your Bigger Goals

I think Piers uses a great example in his book.

He gives an amazing example of someone that wants to go to the gym. Let’s say your first goal is just to get dressed. Then your small second goal is just getting to the gym. Then the big goal is actually working out.

“Inch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.”

So take the small steps (that you may think don’t matter) to get where you want to get. Honestly, the hardest part is starting (Piers calls it motivational tension).

3)Set Up A Reward System

This is crucial for kids with ADHD (and most of society has shown symptoms due to the overstimulation of senses). Work for 20 minutes to an hour and then do something you like to do for 5 or 10 minutes.

And I mean 20 minutes to an hour of extreme focus with no distractions from emails, phone calls, and whatever you want to label as productive but is really a distraction. This way you don’t get mental exhaustion and the quality and quantity of work done increase tremendously because you are not distracted every 5 minutes.

Final Words: I hope you all get what you deserve in life and not what you want. The world is not a crazy enough place to give undeserving people, everything they’ve dreamed of. So get up and do some work towards your goals or you will be doing work for someone else’s goals.

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